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  • Uterine Sound: A uterine sound is a medical instrument used in gynecology to measure the depth and length of the uterine cavity (the hollow space inside the uterus). It's typically made of stainless steel and has a long, slender, and possibly curved probe. Importantly, uterine sounds are not magnetic.


  • Magnet/Anti-Magnet: Uterine sounds are not designed to be magnetic or interact with magnets. In fact, having a magnetic component could be potentially dangerous during a medical procedure.



Here's a possible explanation for the terms "uterine sound magnet" and "anti-magnet":

  • Marketing Misunderstanding: Some medical supply companies might use the term "uterine sound magnet" incorrectly. It's possible they are referring to a regular uterine sound but using misleading terminology.
  • Placeholders: "Magnet" or "anti-magnet" could be placeholders on a website or listing that haven't been filled in with accurate information.