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Ramsay forceps are a type of multipurpose grasping forceps commonly used in various surgical procedures for delicate tissue manipulation .

They are known for their fine tips, serrated jaws, and ergonomic design, providing superior control and grip.


Here are some key features of Ramsay forceps:

  • Fine tips: These allow for precise grasping and handling of delicate tissues without causing damage.
  • Serrated jaws: The serrations provide a secure grip on tissues, preventing them from slipping during manipulation.
  • Ergonomic design: The handles are designed to comfortably fit the hand, reducing fatigue during extended procedures.


Ramsay forceps are available in various sizes, typically ranging from 14cm to 18cm in length. The appropriate size will depend on the specific surgical procedure and the surgeon's preference.

Here are some common applications of Ramsay forceps:

  • General surgery: Grasping and manipulating tissues during various surgical procedures.
  • Trauma surgery: Handling delicate tissues in trauma cases.
  • Ophthalmic surgery: Grasping and manipulating tissues during eye surgeries.
  • ENT surgery: Grasping and manipulating tissues during ear, nose, and throat surgeries.
  • Plastic surgery: Grasping and manipulating delicate tissues during reconstructive procedures.