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Kelly's artery forcep, also sometimes referred to as Kelly hemostatic forceps, is a versatile surgical instrument used for grasping, clamping, and occluding blood vessels to control bleeding during surgery.


Key features of Kelly's artery forcep:

  • Jaws: They come in both straight and curved forms, with the curved ones offering better access to tight surgical spaces.
  • Serrations: The inner surfaces of the jaws have small, transverse serrations that provide a secure hold on tissues without causing excessive damage.
  • Finger rings: The handles have ergonomically designed finger rings for comfortable handling and precise control.
  • Ratchet mechanism: A built-in ratchet allows for self-retention of the clamped position, freeing the surgeon's hand for other tasks.
  • Sizes: Kelly forceps come in various sizes to accommodate different blood vessel diameters and surgical procedures.


Applications of Kelly's artery forcep:

  • Clamping blood vessels of various sizes to control bleeding.
  • Grasping and manipulating tissues during surgical procedures.
  • Holding sutures and needles.
  • Packing wounds to control bleeding.