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Dentle tweezer is likely a misspelling of "dental tweezers." Dental tweezers are a specific type of tweezer used in dentistry for a variety of purposes.


Dental tweezers

Here are some key points about dental tweezers:

  • Purpose: They are used for grasping and manipulating small objects in the mouth that are too small or difficult to handle with fingers. Some common uses include:
    • Placing and removing cotton rolls for isolation of teeth during procedures.
    • Holding sutures (stitches) during suturing procedures.
    • Removing small debris or foreign objects from the mouth.
    • Placing orthodontic materials like brackets and bands.
  • Types: Dental tweezers come in a variety of designs, including:
    • Angled tweezers: These have angled tips that provide better access to hard-to-reach areas in the mouth.
    • Serrated tweezers: These have serrated tips that help to grip objects more securely.
    • Non-serrated tweezers: These have smooth tips that are used for delicate procedures where gripping too tightly could damage tissues.
    • Locking tweezers: These h