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LIFE SIZE ANKLE JOINT MODEL | With Flexible Ligaments | For Orthopedic Use


MediPrakt™ Ankle Joint Model shows conditions such as ankle ligament strain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, high ankle strain, metatarsal fracture, and hallux dysfunction. The practitioner or educator can show realistic movements with the flexible ligaments of the model. Also helps in educating patients and students about the normal and abnormal ankle, foot, and toe joint ranges of motion as well as foot pronation and supination. The model is life-size and clearly shows all the main anatomical structures of the ankle and foot Perfect for patient education, aspiring medical students, therapists, chiropractors, fitness trainers, etc.


₹5,200.00 नियमित मूल्य
₹1,799.00बिक्री मूल्य