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  • The MAX PLUS CPR manikin is the only BLS manikin capable of simulating both adult and child CPR .
  • This is the only BLS manikin which requires nose pinch and head tilt/chin lift to get proper chest rise.
  • Expired air is released through a chamber in the one-way valve assembly and not through the mouth. The manikin's airway open, chest compression with a realistically designed.
  • The durable, realistic-feeling skin has identifiable landmarks. The lightweight manikin, skin, and one- way valve can easily be cleaned and sanitized. Disassembly is quick and simple.
  • The manikin can apply to the social CPR training institutions, hospitals, medical schools and medical units of CPR training .
  • Simulation of adult, children's airway open, chest compressions
  • Mode of operation:CPR training operation

ADULT-CHILD CPR Training Manikin | With Sound Indicator | Half Body

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