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The Somer uterine holding forceps is a specialized surgical instrument used in gynecological procedures, particularly laparoscopic surgeries. Here's a breakdown of its key features and uses:

  • Function: These forceps are designed to grasp, elevate, and stabilize the uterus during surgery. This improved visibility and access to the surgical field for the surgeon.


  • Design: Somer uterine holding forceps are long, slender instruments with a curved shaft and fenestrated (having openings) oval tips. The fenestrations allow for some tissue visualization while maintaining a secure hold. The jaws may also have fine serrations to further enhance grip.


  • Ratcheting Mechanism: Most Somer forceps incorporate a ratcheting mechanism that allows the surgeon to lock the jaws in place with one hand, freeing the other hand for other surgical maneuvers.



  • Laparoscopic surgeries involving the uterus, such as myomectomy (fibroid removal), hysterectomy (uterine removal), and ovarian procedures.
  • Assisting in vaginal surgery by providing countertraction (pulling in the opposite direction) on the uterus.