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Shirodkar's uterine holding forceps, also sometimes referred to as Shirodkar-Collin uterine forceps, is another specialized instrument used in obstetrics and gynecology for grasping, manipulating, and elevating the uterus.


Here's a breakdown of the details of Shirodkar's uterine holding forceps:

  • Material: Constructed from high-quality stainless steel for strength and easy sterilization.
  • Design: Features a scissor-like form with broad, smooth tips at the grasping end. The smooth nature of the tips allows for atraumatic manipulation of tissues.
  • Function: The broad tips offer a good surface area for securely grasping the uterus without causing undue pressure or damage.
  • Handles: The instrument incorporates ring handles for comfortable handling and single-handed manipulation.



  • Shirodkar's uterine holding forceps generally come in a standard length of around 25 centimeters (approximately 10 inches).



  • Similar to Dartigues's forceps, Shirodkar's forceps find use in various procedures, including:
    • Uterine elevation during Cesarean section.
    • Uterine manipulation and exposure during gynecological surgeries.
    • Assisting with hemostasis (bleeding control) in the uterine cavity.