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Dissecting forceps plain 6" are precision instruments used for grasping delicate tissues during surgical procedures or dissections in a lab setting.


Here are some details about dissecting forceps plain 6":

  • Size: 6 inches (15 cm) in length
  • Material: Made from high-grade stainless steel for durability, corrosion resistance, and ease of sterilization.
  • Tips: They have two slender, straight tips without teeth for atraumatic grasping of tissues. The tips may be blunt or pointed depending on the specific model.
  • Body: The body has finger holes for comfortable handling and may have serrations on the gripping surface for better control.


Uses of Dissecting Forceps Plain 6":

  • Grasping and manipulating delicate tissues during surgery, such as isolating nerves, blood vessels, or small organs.
  • Holding sutures during suturing procedures.
  • Transferring small specimens in a lab setting.
  • Dissection of biological samples in research.