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The Backhaus towel clamp, also known as the Backhaus forceps or towel forceps, is a surgical instrument designed for securing and attaching surgical drapes or towels to a patient's skin or other surfaces.


Here are the key features of a Backhaus towel clamp:

  • Scissor-like design with ring handles: This design allows surgeons to easily open and close the clamp with one hand.
  • Curved, pointed jaws: These jaws have small, sharp, and inward-facing tips for a secure grip on drapes when the instrument is closed.
  • Ratchet mechanism: This mechanism lets you securely lock the jaws in a closed position to maintain a firm grip on the drapes.
  • Material: Backhaus towel clamps are typically made of surgical grade stainless steel or premium German steel, both of which are autoclavable.
  • Size: These clamps are available in various sizes, such as 9 cm (3.5 inches) or 13 cm (5.25 inches). The size selection is based on the thickness of the material to be clamped and the area of application.


Overall, Backhaus towel clamps are essential tools for maintaining a sterile field during surgery by securing surgical drapes in place.