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SUTURE PRACTICE PAD (STANDARD) | 3 Layers- Human Skin, Fat and Muscle | 13 Incisions | Replicates Human Wounds | Ideal for Students


MediPrakt™ Standard Suture practice Pad is highly recommended for Medical and Dental Students for wound stitching/suturing practice. Learning to repair wounds and surgery incisions requires patience, dexterity, and lots of practice. While suturing a wound on a bleeding patient, you want to feel confident and prepared. Trust yourself to give your patients the best possible care they need and deserve. For doctors and medical students who want to practice with the best tools available, Our suture pad is now produced entirely in-house in India with a new, innovative formula that allows us to keep prices low while delivering the highest quality suture pads. MediPrakt™ Standard Suturing Pad offers 13 wounds to choose from in varying depths and sizes. It includes surgical incisions and more accidental seeming cuts. This product is made of only the best quality NON-Toxic Silicone. The result is a hygienic, portable, and easy-to-use pad which lets you practice suturing anywhere. The material is designed to mimic human flesh with 3 layers imitating the skin, fat, and muscle. This product creates a realistic alternative to practicing suturing on actual flesh.


₹3,000.00 नियमित मूल्य
₹948.00बिक्री मूल्य