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The Sims vaginal speculum is a double-bladed surgical instrument used for examining the vagina and cervix . It was developed by J. Marion Sims, and while the original design was made out of a pewter spoon, modern versions are manufactured from stainless steel or plastic.


Here's a breakdown of the Sims vaginal speculum:


  • Two blades that are inserted into the vagina
  • Smooth outer curves to prevent damage to surrounding tissues
  • Groove in the middle for drainage of secretions and blood



  • Stainless steel (reusable and requires sterilization before each use)
  • Plastic (disposable)



  • Provides wider exposure of the vaginal walls and cervix compared to other speculums like the Cusco speculum
  • Allows for rotation for better visualization during examinations and procedures



  • Gynecological examinations
  • Minor surgical procedures on the vagina and cervix
  • Taking biopsies


Things to Consider:

  • Insertion of the speculum may cause some discomfort.
  • It is important to relax during the procedure for easier insertion and a more accurate examination.