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Cheatle forceps are a type of surgical instrument used to safely handle sterilized instruments and dressings. They are typically made of stainless steel and have long, curved jaws with serrated edges for a firm grip


Cheatle Forceps

Here are some key points about Cheatle forceps:

  • Purpose: Their primary function is to retrieve sterilized instruments from containers like autoclaves, boilers, or formalin cabinets without contaminating them.
  • Maintaining sterility: By using Cheatle forceps, healthcare professionals can maintain a sterile field and prevent the transfer of bacteria or other pathogens to the instruments.
  • Design: These forceps are designed for long reach (typically around 27 cm) to access instruments deep within sterilization chambers. The serrated edges on the jaws provide a secure grip on instruments of various shapes and sizes.
  • Storage: When not in use, Cheatle forceps are stored in a container filled with an antiseptic solution, such as methylated spirits, to maintain sterility.