Volumetric Exerciser for Physiotherapy

  • The therapy with SPIRO-BALL® helps the patient to recover the normal breathing after a chest or abdominal surgery. 
  • The volumetric exerciser SPIRO-BALL® has a white plunger that indicates the inspired air on the volume scale. During the inspiration the yellow ball must be kept at the medium position as long as possible. 
  • It has got a label which allows faster identification of the patient name. 
  • SPIRO-BALL® volumetric exerciser incorporates a container to place the mouthpiece after being washed. An overture on the bottom part drains the spared cleaning water drops. Thus, we get a total protection of the mouthpiece after using the exerciser. 
  • Also, the mouthpiece includes an additional filter to avoid the inspiration of particles.




  • it allows to define the therapy target
  • Volume Indicator.
  • Adjustable therapy target indicator. 
  • Volume scale printed in both sides. 
  • Hygienic: protection of the mouthpiece after washing it. 
  • Extendible tube.

Leventon Spiro Ball

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  • No Returns of this Product can be done ! As to maintain the hygyiene quality of the Product ! 




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